For those of you just tuning in, the TAT stands for Trans America Trail, a 5000 mile dirt route across the United States. From Tennessee, we'll follow the trail all the way to the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon Coast. Follow us here as we document our adventure over the next six weeks. More info on the trail at

Friday, July 29, 2011

Night 1

We were about 100 miles outside of Albuquerque NM when nightfall found us. We were about to throw up the tent behind a closed gas station when Luke remembered that he knew someone with connections in Albuquerque that we could contact. That proved to be a great decision as we were fortunate enough to meet Liza and Derek and take advantage of the wonderful tent pad that was the front yard under a starry sky. Thanks so much to both of you! I left the rainfly off seeing as how the sky was clear an there isn't much for dew out here. The temperature was perfect for sleeping outside, but I ended up being wrong about the rain staying away. I had to get up and throw on the rainfly, but the rain proved to be light. We headed east first thing in the morning, but the rain has caught up to us here near Santa Rosa NM. We are in a truck stop and taking the opportunity to charge some batteries and update journals and blogs. Luke is currently cutting a little movie with some footage from the GoPro cams so you might get to see that up here soon, assuming we can find some decent Internet here...

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