For those of you just tuning in, the TAT stands for Trans America Trail, a 5000 mile dirt route across the United States. From Tennessee, we'll follow the trail all the way to the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon Coast. Follow us here as we document our adventure over the next six weeks. More info on the trail at

Monday, September 12, 2011


While I'm sitting here staring at my crippled motorcycle I may as well update on how the last few days of Oregon finished up. It was some of the more aggressive riding yet, and as beautiful as anything we'd seen in my opinion. We stopped by Crater Lake and spent an evening there camping, as well as rode the rim trail and some short hikes. Probably the bluest blue I've ever seen. I was surprised to see snow up there too considering the time of year and the fact that it isn't that high up, around 6000 ft.
The next day we rode about 125 miles of trail and set up camp at the top of a pass with a beautiful view. We expected this to be our last night on the trail as we planned to hit the ocean at the end of the next days ride. That however proved to be impossible as the next days ride threw us some curves. We had a massive downed tree in the trail that required backtracking and finding another route, then got lost and have to spend the night in the forest approx 25 miles from the coast. We did however get to watch the sun set at sea from the mountainside campsite that night which was quite sufficient compensation. The following morning we made our triumphant arrival at the most westerly part of the continental United States, Port Orford, OR. We celebrated in style with a gallon of milk and breakfast cereal on the beach as Mike christened his mount by spraying it down with the cheapest champagne that Rays Grocery had to offer. We had made it.
We camped that night at Humbug State Park and swam in the icy waters of the Pacific. For around 30 seconds. We then headed south on the 101 down the Oregon coast to Crescent City, California and up US HWY 199 to Jacksonville to the home of Marshall Lango. He had my road tires waiting for me, and heaps of hospitality as well. Many thanks to Marshall, Donna and family!! I left in the morning for Fresno to spend the night at my moms. Had a great evening and dinner with her and then took off this morning at 7 for Phoenix. I was apparently in too big of a hurry as I raced down the hwy and now I get to write all this as I lie in a sandy ditch working on my tan I guess, as I observe my ruined bike. (see last post) 100 miles from Phoenix, and I really don't feel that bad about it. Not mad at myself or the bike, both of which have had a hell of a run for the past two months and can't have any regrets. I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when for the first time since July 27th, I will not put on my blue Exofficio shirt that you have seen me wearing in 100% of the trip photos.
Luke and I plan to compile a bunch of video clips from our cams and upload to the site once we get home and settled.


  1. The two of you are my heros!

  2. Word! Thanks man. Hoping to edit and upload highlight reel videos soon. Much appreciation for the props, Anthony!

  3. hey i am one of jake hansmeiers friends just posting on here for the first time. i grew up on the oregon coast and when i still lived there we used to go down and camp in port orford every memorial day weekend and drink, etc. remember that ray's very well. glad you had a good time on the TAT.

  4. Thanks for the check in Jake, yeah this was my first time in Oregon and it was outstanding, I will definitely be going back!