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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hard Travelin'

The second day of the trip that didn't include rain was in Tulsa Oklahoma. We found ourselves here as we ran from Arkansas. Arkansas so far has been the most beautiful, most challenging state. Arkansas has the nicest people and has been positively the most filled with hardship.
Going 80 mph was bizarre! Josh and I had changed sprockets so that our gearing was appropriate for highway speeds. Yes, we were on pavement but we were given no choice after my major breakdown and other trouble in AR. Three days time was scheduled in Arkansas, yet we were there for seven nights!
Thanks to some incredibly thorough and over the top hospitality from Ellie Enger and the fine family she lives with, Josh and I were well fed and rested. Let me tell you, we ate up all the foods we were dreaming of! Thick steak, fresh fruit, grilled onion, homemade cookies, amazing and most perfect keish for breakfast. Anyway, we were burning up to knock down some miles after I met with a mechanic and fixed (yes more) broken things on my bike.
We rode hard through the midday heat across the state and then that's when it happened. Josh's right rear wheel bearing failed completely just as we could just about start to smell the other side. The New Mexico border was so close as we coasted down the road and coaxed a tow out of a local farmer. He towed us backward through the Oklahoma panhandle to where we are now. A disassembled bike sits outside as we prep up for our chase around town for replacement parts. Midnight dawns a monday and I must sleep as I will be awake early running from store to store chasing bearing sizes. ZzzzZzzzz

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  1. It's nice to know you two are taking turns with the breakdowns....

    Happy trails