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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reporting live from Urgent Care

An outstanding day of riding in the San Juan Mountains has taken us to the Urgent Care center in Cortez, CO. We were coming down from quite high on a series of switchbacks when Luke went down hard. He got his left boot caught under his metal hard cases and gashed open his right knee pretty bad. We met a Brit named Michael earlier in the day at a fuel stop who is doing the TAT as well, and he is going at it solo and camping out as well. Shortly before Luke's wreck we met him on the trail, and were riding down in a group of 3 when it happened. Michael got some epoxy glue in his eye yesterday and was looking pretty rough and red, and Luke was in dire need of stitches so we figured a ride to the nearest clinic or hospital was probably in order. Luke and Michael are both being worked on right now, while I am in the lobby taking advantage of enough signal to update y'all. The last couple days of riding have been more amazing than I could have ever imagined, we will hopefully have mire pics and video of it for you soon.
The guy in the pic is a rider in the Colorado 1000 (a motorcycle event that happens to be going on at the same time we are in CO) who happened upon the scene and happened to be a medic as well. He poured on the peroxide and wrapped it up and told us to get to a proper place to have it stitched ASAP. He had a member of his party killed near Lake City two days ago while Luke and I were in town. He came around a hill a little too hot and a little too far in the wrong lane and was caught head on by a Jeep. We heard of this the day it happened from Lake City, but just found out here with the medic that the man killed was from his party. This news definitely made us slow down a bit, and take it a little easier than we had been. This situation could definitely be worse, so we are thankful. By morning we are hoping that Luke can walk, Michael can see, and all 3 of us can be back on the trail.

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