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Friday, August 26, 2011

Slot Canyons in Utargh* (Brit for Utah)

We camped last night south of Escalante, Utah with the hopes of waking up and being a short ride from some slot canyons we heard about while in Moab. The campsite was awesome. Built a nice big fire that burned way too long. The short morning ride turned into getting lost and riding aprox 100 or so unneeded miles, but eventually we found the trailhead to Picaboo and Spooky canyon. Amazingly beautiful. I've got some photos but mostly video that we will upload later, and Lukes gonna upload some of his pics shortly too. Oh, on a side note, we crossed paths with a rattlesnake today. Video of that coming too, hopefully soon if we can quit adventuring for long enough to properly document it.
In the morning we plan to head to Bryce Canyon NP. We are currently tucked away at a campsite with a roaring fire and somehow enough Internet to share this much.

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